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Will I be able to play power ball and do rub off tickets when I go to boot camp?

Will they let you out during the week to buys a lotto ticket? Can I goes to the store to by ruboffs? Do they sell them at the base store?

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    `My 2 line poem about military vices

    Title: Army Vices

    They gots all your dope & more

    All at the army base store`

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    NO NO and NO

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    Any gambling devices you have will be confiscated and may be destroyed. At best, they will be stored with your other possessions until you graduate from boot camp. You will not be able to buy anymore gambling devices until you are able to go off base.

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    Second question first - I have never been in a PX where they sold lottery/powerball tickets.

    First question -

    Weeks 1-9 You can go to the PX under escort, and then ONLY to buy necessities. This is a reward for achievement.

    After week 9, you can get a weekend pass sometimes, so you can buy all the tickets you want.

    Source(s): 20 years in the military
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