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I'm 13 with no life out of school. Any help?

Oookay. So here's the issue. I'm 13, going into 8th grade, and I'd say I have a decent amount of friends. At school, I'm a pretty decent kid with average grades, relatively social, but I kind of suck at physical activities other than running. I'm not overweight, by the way (in case you were wondering if that was the reason why I'm like this). Anyways, outside of school I don't really hang out with friends and kind of just sit at home playing video games with online friends. Currently on summer break (ending in around 2 weeks), but the whole time I've just been sitting at home. I rarely even leave the house, honestly. That is, unless it's to go run errands with my family or if we're going out to eat. Really hermit type life-style. It's been like this for a couple years now, and I really want things to change. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    2 years ago

    Try asking your friends at school to hang out? Someone’s got to ask first! Keep it light and cheerful.

    Or join clubs to meet more people.

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    yes, dont stay there all day, you wont get to see people that way, you could try doing volunteer stuff to get to know people that way

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    Join clubs at school or even your cross country team! The first step to getting out there is joining activities that you can find like minded people at. Goodluck!

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