What can you do with a high school diploma from 24 credits?

I’m graduating this year and my counselors are absolutely no help. I’ve only done three years of high school since I lost all my credits from my freshman year when I transferred schools. I’ve been struggling to make 26 credits to graduate on time and my school was telling my mother and I that I will not graduate unless I take classes online. Today my counselor told me that’s not true and I can still graduate with 24 credits, but would have to attend 2 years I’d community college before working on a degree from a university. I don’t want to go to a four year university I never did. I wanted to take a few classes in film production and look for a job. My question is, can I graduate with the 24 credits and still take one or two classes at a film school or university if I don’t get a degree, or would I need to take two years of community college first. I would really like to just take a couple classes and have those to put on my résumé but I don’t know if I can if I graduate with only 24 credits.

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    We don't know what state you're in, so we can't tell you if you can graduate HS there with 24 credits.

    You and your parents should meet with your school. Find out if you really can graduate with 24 credits, and if so, if that's considered a real high school diploma - one that would get you a job - or if it's somehow some sort of less than full high school diploma. If it's a real HS diploma, then you're good on that end.

    You'd need to speak to admissions at the colleges you like to find out if you can 1) take classes there without being enrolled as a degree seeking student, and 2) if they would consider your type of HS diploma good enough to allow you to study at their school.

    If you want a job in film, take the classes you mention, and also gain film related experience while you do, by working on student films. You need that type of experience to have a shot at a job in the industry.

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    How credits you need to graduate high school depends on what school district you are in.

    High school’s not only have required credits, but requiredd subject classes you mast take.

    You earn a high school diploma you can apply to any college, universities or community college.

    Some colleges and university allow a student to take non credit classes. Doing this at a University can be expensive

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    WHY don't you take the online clsses so you CAN graduate for high school with all the credits the for high school OTH hthe high school and STATE requres. i went to Two DIFFERENT private schools schools and my credits defintely DID tranfer, but I had to take calculus my senior year of high school, which was the NORMAL senior math class and not an AP class for THAT high school because i took algebra 1 in the 8th grade, NOT the 9th grade..

    NO ONE IS REQUIRED to go to community college .Associate degrees ARE NOT REQUIRED to earn Bachelor's degrees from a college OF a university. Universities have MULTIPLE colleges and schools..

    Instead of making big fuss and being drama king/queen.. TAKE the online classes, an EARN your 26 credits, and graduate from that high school. Claiming your freshman year credits DID NOT transfer is is a totally bogus claim. That' huge "hole' in your story and is obviously a very poor lie. You CAN go to community college or a vocational technical school WHILE YOU ARE STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL.

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