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How do I convince my parents to let me wear Jeans to school?

My parents are extremely modest and force me to dress that way too. They grew up in a group that is much like the Amish and even tho we dropped that style of dresses (relief) I still have to wear skirts.

I can only wear skirts and dresses that go past my knees and have a modest top with sleeves. NO TANK TOPS, SHORTS, JEANS, TIGHTS, LEGGINGS, or pretty much anything that isn't a dress or skirt (unless I am playing sports, swimming, or sleeping)

I have been home schooled all my life and this year I am going to public school. How do I convince them to let me dress like a normal human being to school? I don't want to look like a complete weirdo and goody gurl (cause I'm not)! I've tried so many arguments and nothing works!

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    Talk to a teacher and have the teacher intervene on your behalf. Jeans are much more practical for school than long skirts, it's not a disaster if you get a bit of dirt on jeans, and they are more comfortable and less exposing than skirts for all the many activities you do in a modern school. Most schools are no longer sit at your desk for hours type places anymore. You do a lot more than sit at a desk as a teacher drones on and on. Have the teacher tell your parents that pants and jeans are far more modest and cover more than a skirt. No one can lift up and peek under jeans and jeans will never fly up and expose anything while you are doing all the things that normal active teens do. Skirts aren't automatically more modest -that's ridiculous. Ask any girl who has ever climbed a tree or rode a bike on a windy day.

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    Keep your jeans and tank tops, etc at a friends house and change clothes there before and after school

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