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People who have other interests in addition to playing video games: when do you play video games, and when you do your other interests?

I enjoy occasionally playing video games, but I also enjoy doing other stuff: reading books, watching a bit of T.V, surfing the internet, etc. The only problem is, I can't figure out when I want to do which activity. Most of my time spent lately has been thinking about what I should do.

Gamers with multiple activities: when and how often do you play video games? When do you do your other free time activities?

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    Kind of a hard question, but i game at night when I'm not planning on doing other things.

    As for how offten will depend on if a new game or content has recently came out, if there is nothing new I game less if there is somthing new I game more. I never have had the problem of trying to decide which one of my hobbies I would rather do. If I'm doing somthing and think about gaming then I go game and vise versa.

    My only advice would be don't try and force a time limit on your self for a hobbie you dont feel like doing at the moment. Doing this can make somthing that is supposed to be enjoyable feel more like a chore.

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    Well, you need to set your priorities first in order to do that.

    I also had similar interests like you, and I spend my gaming time more in the weekends. Meanwhile in weekdays, I do my other stuffs like reading/watching tv/listening music/hangout with friends, since most of my time was spent on working, and I'm too tired for gaming.

    But if you couldn't let go of gaming, you could consider buying handhelds like Switch/Vita/3DS, since you can do gaming anytime and anywhere you want.

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    Depends on what I feel like doing at the moment. For instance I want to finish this TV series, so I've been focusing on that. I still play some games, but they're light stuff that doesn't require constant concentration, mainly stuff for tablet for instance.

    When I'm playing a game, I want to just focus on the game so maybe I'll watch some TV while I eat dinner, then afterwards, just play the game.

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    2 years ago

    i do what i feel like doing? i thought everyone did that...

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