For the reaction Cl2 + 2KBr → 2KCl + Br2, how many moles of potassium chloride are produced from 321.6 g of potassium bromide?

1 Answer

  • 2 years ago

    First, you want to convert the potassium bromide to mol.

    Its molar mass is M = K (39.1) + Br (79.9) = 119 g/mol

    Then g / M = 321.6 / 119 = 2.703 mol

    Now we look at the equation: the ratio of potassium bromide to potassium chloride is 1:1

    This means for every mol of KBr you put in, you get 1 mol of KCl

    Therefore, since you put in 2.703 mol of KBr, you get out 2.703 mol KCl

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