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How to deal with my wife’s mother?

My wife’s mother is nosy and she interferes in private business. My wife and I are recently married. I didn’t want to start the marriage with a confrontation, but the old woman should know that I don’t appreciate her meddling. What happens between me and my wife is none of her business.

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    That's right. I'd just let her know in a kind way that your marriage is personal and private. Because IT IS!

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    It should be up to your wife to controller Mother. You are right ...what happens in your house is none of her business

  • Raja
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    2 years ago

    Tell her the same thing and say that not to force you to leave the place with your wife in search of freedom and happiness .

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    Well that is something that your wife need to talk to her mother about

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  • David
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    2 years ago

    It is for this exact reason that WHERE YOU LIVE really matters. If your marriage is going to survive, then there needs to be some significant physical distance between where you live and where any relatives live. How much space is enough? Think a minimum of a 5 hour DRIVE in good weather with light traffic.

    But in the era of smart phones, even physical distance might not be enough. If the old lady is bugging you on messenger or plain old phone calls or something,

    Then program your cell phones for "do not disturb" mode from 5PM to 5AM every night. And leave them on a charger in another room, all night.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    The "old woman"?

    You're on a track to destruction, talking like that.

    This is the woman who bore you a wife.

    Talk with your wife and make an agreement that neither one of you talk with your MIL about anything that happens between you. "Forsaking all others" means not telling your mother what happens with your husband. If your wife can't do that, your problem isn't with your mother in law.

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    You can talk to your wife about her mother's meddling. She may talk to her mother. Some spouses have problems with their mother-in-law or father-in-law (or both). Your wife may be telling her mother things you don't want her to know. You should treat her mother with respect.

  • Anonymous
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    Your wife will always be her business. Get over it.

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    It may take time for her to adjust from being her Mum to being the Mum of a married child, since you say you are newly wed.

    The problem may well arise if your wife is confiding in her and opening that door, inviting her to "meddle". Or if you are currently living with her she may feel she has the right to have some say what goes on beneath her own roof.

    I get from the way you refer to her - "the old woman...don’t appreciate her meddling" and " didn’t want to start the marriage with a confrontation" - that you do not particularly like her before this. Am I correct? Then it WAS wrong of you to hide this from your wife. It should have been dealt with as soon as you had a problem, not waited until she was tied to you to tell her so. Any confrontation now will place your wife in a bad place - between you and her Mother.

    Tread gently. You can certainly stand up for yourself. You can certainly discuss with your wife if you have issues with what you see as "meddling" by her Mother. Just be careful you don't make it an all out war, OK?

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    2 years ago

    Stick your meat in her oven

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