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How peaceful was prophet Moses compared to Muhammad?

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    How come Moses become peaceful when the people of Israel turn against him when he took them all across the sea in safety and settle them down at the land of Teyah .Samiri a Jew casting a golden calf for worship as god in front of Aron and Moses.

    The people of Arab who become Muslims they all follow the teaching of Muhammad (S) by eradicating the worship of all the idols then they all become peaceful people by worshiping only one GOD the Lord of all the worlds up till now.

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    read here.. Moses did loads of waring and k illing

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    did you know you can google murders, robberies and rapes done by mohammad and google will post the exact verses or hadith that confirms how evil your so called prophet really was? so why not give it a try?

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    All prooet were peaceful including Muhammad pbuh and Moses because they were guided by Allah so they had no sin

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    Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him forever, is the best of all prophets and better than Prophet Moses. Both prophets and the previous prophets all the way back to Prophet Adam are brothers in Prophet-hood. Peace and blessings be upon them all. Prophet Muhammad, is the noblest, most peaceful, loving, pure, patient, calm, genuine, intelligent, just, perfect prophet and human being than the other Prophets including Prophet Moses, peace be upon him. Both have met each other in the heavens and all prophets love each other just as they love all the followers of the prophets. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, never cursed his own people that were attacking him physically, verbally, emotionally as well. He walked away when people would harass, name call and only prayed for them instead have his own people be destroyed by the army of Allah, the Angels of Allah. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, his followers, this last nation, is the most blessed most honored followers of any other followers of other prophets and that wasn't destroyed or accursed by Allah. Other nations of other Prophets were accursed, destruction came to them and were wiped out some nations than others but weren't spared like the way Prophet Muhammad, peace be and blessings be upon him forever, only asked for his people and future generations be spared. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and blessings be upon him forever, is a mercy sent from Allah. A mercy for ALL of mankind and it is indeed one of his attributes, his names. It was his mercy, his request the reason why his own people were spared and his own followers showered with mercy and great honors. The Prophet, peace be upon him, has 99 attributes.

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      You're a fcvking load. Get a life you fcvking loser!

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    Moses didn't exist, so very peaceful

  • God called Moses the meekest man of the earth at the time.

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    Equally warlike!

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    Compared to Muhammad, he was Gandhi.

  • They both are purported warleaders, but mohamed is more likely to have existed as described by legend than Moshe was.

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