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What's the best portable music player (other than a phone)?

What is today's equivalent of an mp3 player?... Yes I have been living under a rock.

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    3 years ago
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    When i bought an i phone 8 plus, i discontinued phone service on the 6 and use that as my mp3 player now (replacing a Creative Zen that had to be plugged into the computer to transfer Music, etc.) You can get an older i phone cheap - and frankly, it offers more than an mp3 players does.

  • 3 years ago

    MP3 players are still available.

    Shop harder.

  • Lance
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    3 years ago

    Probably the Astell & Kern SP 1000 also the Astell & Kern AK Jr.is pretty good or other Astell & Kern...The Fiio X7 is probably pretty good for that price point...The Sony NW ZX-2 or newer Sony models are probably pretty good if you can get a discount....

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