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joe asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 2 years ago

what is political correctness?

it seems that just like politics in general, getting a straight answer thats understandable without the aid of a legal dictionary as well as a 'normal' one plus a thesaurus to cut corners from further research into the meanings of words in the definitions of the words you read when researching the meanings of what you initially looked up is an extremely painstaking adventure that leaves me reaching out to those who can do better than a lawyer as well as have the finness of simplicity, because 'taking offence' doesnt encompas anything but racial terms i'd say. but what about the H1 hummer? or the pollitically incorrect politics or the things that have nothing to do with politics and i hesitate to even begin to scratch the surface of the social minefield of euphemisms and well, being politically correct in the endless topics to choose from like being a cripple or stupid.... i mean the handicap (capable?) or those blessed with noticeably below average intellogence and are 'minimially acceptional' or how an entire idea can be politically incorrect. it baffles me. or is that incorrect? btw im not trolling im serious about the question but am deliberately yanking on some chains. you never know... it might not even be attached to anything


yanking on chains can show you alot. how long where the end is if it attached tied in a knot snagged on something rusted solid broken supporting anything and so on.....

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    It is a form of bullying to suppress speech that people find offensive.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    The name "Political Correctness" is a right wing whine about the fact that most people want a VOLUNTARY civilized discourse in which we do not use intentionally insulting language when discussing politics. Also called politeness. The right wing is not good at civilized discourse, and they bristle at the idea that name calling, saying racist and sexist and bigoted things and questioning your opponent's intentions is frowned upon by decent people. But how do you argue against basic manners and civility? Well the first thing you do is brand it with a nefarious sounding term. That's how they invented the term "Political Correctness". Next you pretend it's being forced on you by a "liberal elite media", so now you have an enemy (civilized discourse) and portray yourself as a victim of an evil cabal of media elites trying to control your speech. And the last step is to drum up fear of (politeness) by ratcheting up the dramatic language. So the right wing now claims that "Thought Police" are trying to "throw innocent people under the bus for failing to use their approved language" and that sounds very dramatic and threatening.

    This attack on "political correctness" results in some strange distortions of reality. Now a guy who is fired for calling calls his black co-worker the N word can claim that the "Liberal Elite" has Punished him for not "bowing down to political correctness". That's a nice spin if you just got fired for being a racist shmuck.

  • Juana
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    2 years ago

    PC is basically just plain human decency. Like, you know, not mocking the disabled and so on.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Unknown. Debatable

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    The beginning of the end.

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