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Share your funniest story of something you did as a young kid, get best answer! What's your story?

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  • Will
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    My childhood sucked due to growing up with epilepsy and being a social outcast. So I will share a late night drinking story from trade school instead.

    Me and three friends went to another group of guys' extended stay hotel room that they were renting to drink and play games. Yada Yada. I had six bottles of beer and a couple shots of whiskey, Friend A had at least 10 shots of whiskey, Friend B had 3 beers and a few shots, Friend C had 3 beers and 1 Long Island Iced Teas. It reached midnight when we decided to leave. Why we didn't just crash there, I donno. None of us could drive, so we decided to walk home. We couldn't walk along the main road because none of us were 21 and it was obvious we were drunk, so we took the scenic route. Next to the hotel was an empty corn field along Interstate 75.

    We embarked on our journey, stumbling and falling over. Our destination was on the other side of the interstate, so we decided to try to cross it. We reached the small wooden fence that ran along the road. We climbed over, but not before helping the drunkest of us, Friend A, get over the fence. We climbed and flopped over the fence only to realize there was one of those brick walls along the interstate that helps deflect noise on the other side. We said **** it and just walked along the interstate. We hit the deck whenever a truck or car approached to avoid being spotted; not that there was much traffic at midnight. We walked for at least five minutes along the interstate before deciding to climb back over the fence. We continued our journey through the field. Friend A stopped to throw up and Friend C and myself had to pee. We continued onward. Along the way I tripped over a hole in the ground and faceplanted into the dirt. Luckily I didn't get hurt.

    Since we left hotel we had walked at least 1.5 miles, taking at least 1.5 hours to do so. We were getting tired by now and didn't think we would make it home. At last the wall on the other side came to an end. We climbed back over the fence again and helped Friend A for the third time. This was it. We had to cross the interstate. We waited until there weren't any vehicles in either direction visible and then RAN LIKE ****** HELL! Well, at least we tried to. Friend A fell in the middle of the north-bound side and the rest of dragged his drunkin *** the rest of the way. We made it, but our journey was still long.

    We were now on the neighborhood side of the interstate, but had a couple miles to travel before we reached our apartment. We walked, stumbled, threw up, even resisted falling asleep, but we prevailed. By now it was around 2am and actually just reached the neighborhood since there was an open field where we crossed the interstate. "Oh ****! It's the police!" Friend B said as he saw flashing lights up ahead. "Never mind. Someone else is just partying."

    We walked and walked and walked, and finally reached our apartment building. We enter our unit and I suggested we finish the night with a manly bonding session. We all pissed into the shower the together and then passed the **** out in the main area.

    The end. I swear to god I did not make that uo. I've shared that experience so many times that I've been able to phrase it like a story rather than an experience. If you want to see where we were, look up Troy, Ohio and follow OH 41 west until you cross Interstate 75 and see a hotel on the west side. Starting there, move north until you come across a street that passes over the interstate. Shortly before that is when we crossed the interstate. From there we followed the nearby road southeast until we hit the neighborhood and went east on Trade Sq W. We ended just before it curves south. We did all of this while drunk.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Remembrance Sunday me and a girl went to the town's Cenotaph to lay a wreath on behalf of the high school. The teacher that should have come with us was unwell so on the Friday we were given the wreath and were told to just go ourselves in uniform. During the service the girl had a cigarette, luckily no one said anything to us.

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  • 2 years ago

    I put rubber bands on the sink sprayer so when people turned on the sink they got wet

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  • Dze
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    2 years ago

    there was this one kid that was antagonizing my brother and we ambushed him on the way home from school and drug him home and worked a couple of handfuls of axle grease into his hair after we roughed him up alittle bit.. he had to get it shaved off .. his parents were pretty pissed and were threatening a lawsuit lol .. we're like hey your kid was bullying my brother ..

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