What do you think of these Rapper and R+B musicians?




4.Nicki Minaj


6.The Game

7.Lil Wayne


9.Jaden Smith


11.J Kwon

12.Kayne West


14.Ill Bill

15. Immortal Technique

16. iLoveMakonnen

17. Katie Got Bandz

18. Headsrong(Rap Rock band)

19. Tyler The Creator

20. Greydon Square

If you want your can rate each Rapper on a scale of 0-10.Or you can put like or dislike next to the artist.

If you want you can go into detail .But you do not have to.

I do not care how you answer this question as long as somehow you tell me which you like and do not like.

Keep in mind everyone is going to have their own opinion.

If you are going to say you do not like Rap in someway then do not bother answering a Rap question.

This is basically going to help me with Djing a friends birthday party.In which only Rap music will be played(Friends request)

All are adults 21 and up.


Forget to add a little bit R+B will be played.But it will be mostly Rap.

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  • 2 years ago
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    1. Never heard of this person to judge if I like him or not

    2. From Infinite to The Eminem Show I really like, Encore to now Em is just awful

    3. One of the all time greats

    4. Garbage

    5. One of the all time greats

    6. He is alright I guess

    7. Garbage

    8. Dope producer

    9. Garbage

    10 Never listened to there music

    11. Never listened to there music

    12. Hott Garbage

    13. Never listened to there music

    14. Never listened to there music

    15. Dope

    16. Never listened to there music

    17. Never listened to there music

    18. Never listened to there music

    19. Garbage

    20. Never listened to there music

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  • 2 years ago

    1. Don't listen to him all the time, but what I've heard from him was good. Pony can be a really fun song to listen to at times.

    2. Great Artist

    3. Great Artist

    4. I like a few songs from her, but overall meh

    5. Great, one of my favorite artists of all time

    6. Decent

    7. A few songs from him I like, but overall not a big fan

    8. Great, I like the Wu-Tang Clan

    9. SYRE was decent for a first album, overall average & has a long way to go

    12. Good. Probably one of my favorite artists who were newcomers in the 2000-2010 era. Late Reg, MBDTF, College Dropout, & Graduation were great albums. 808's & Heartbreak & Ye were decent. TLOP & Yeezus had a few good songs, but overall meh. His song "Lift Yourself" was just straight terrible.

    15. Good

    16. Meh from what I heard from him so far

    19. Decent. Flower Boy exceeded my expectations, and was a good album. Wolf & Goblin had a few good songs, but overall tries to be too edgy & meh. Cherry Bomb was trash. His work with Odd Future was good. Creative & Unique, and sometimes people don't give him enough credit for his influence, but overall he's average.

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  • 2 years ago

    1. I like his song "Differences" but other than that he's never been one of my favorites

    2. Talented, but I'm not really a fan of his.

    3. Talented but kind of overrated imo and not the goat

    4. Trash, one of the worst rappers to ever touch a mic!

    5. One of the goats, even though he's fallen off in recent years his early material is classic and Illmatic never gets old

    6. He used to be good but he fell off

    7. I liked him when I was young, but now I find him extremely corny and lame. He has a few songs that I might listen to from time to time but he's definitely not anything amazing even in his prime.

    8. Great, Wu-Tang is classic

    9. Never listened to him

    10. Don't know who this is

    11. His song "Tipsy" is a good song to play at parties. That's it.

    12. Overrated and corny. I liked his older music but mostly for the production, not his rapping.

    13. I like him

    14. Haven't listened

    15. Talented, definitely not my favorite rapper to listen to for long periods but he is undeniably skilled

    16. Trash

    17. That name was enough to make me never listen

    18. I haven't listened to them

    19. I kind of like him but I have to be in the right mood for his kind of music

    20. Haven't listened.

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  • 2 years ago

    I like Will Smith. Play some, it will make people smile. Everyone secretly likes a bit of "Gettin jiggy with it".

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