Wired or wireless headphones? And why?

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    1 year ago
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    Depends what the headphones are used for - and how they are used.

    For my needs, assuming a smartphone is being used, wireless headphones when I know I will be talking (using the phone part of the smartphone); wired when listening to music for a long time.

    When I'm on location or editing, then wired, full-ear muff, noise cancelling headphones (no mic).

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    Wired because only you can hear it

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    Because they will Work,

    whereas wireless ones don't always work reliably.

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  • 1 year ago

    Wireless, so I can go check on my mac n cheese without losing what's happening

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    Wired.... to set them up you just plug them into the hole and they just work as long as the wire hasn't broken inside the insulation (as they usually do eventually).

    But I guess it also depends on whether you need them for a device you carry around on your person (e.g. an iPhone / iPod type thing) or if you need them so you can listen to something you sit further back from such as a home cinema system in the livingroom or bedroom.

    Wired probably the better option for a device you carry around, because as long as the wire ain't too long it sort of doubles up as a safety-tether device to save your gadget if you manage to drop it.

    Wireless probably a better option on a home cinema set-up where needing long trailing wires would be a pain in the a*s

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