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I'm turning skin and bones after doing powerlifting routine. Pls read details below?

Is it fake addvice that I should be lifting even more often or as often as possible ignoring all the stiffness?

My body takes very long to recover and compensate/hypercompensate


I got very heavy in recent years - more than 225 lbs @ 6/3ft

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    It depends on the individual, same as there are 5+ fingers on every extremity and ALL are different, same is with ppl and other. But as basic rules/laws:

    1.) "You can't recover IF you do not have WITH what to recover."

    2.) And many think, "If I am fat, I can do only lifting because I have more from everything", which is wrong.

    =*= If you lift weights or gym or sport...etc for muscles, then BCAA (2:1:1:1) is the most important thing, and after that Whey (as l-proline source, mostly) or Mass Gainers (with maltodextrin and glucose and creatine and taurine and whey)... and etc.

    Stiffness: Mostly is present after Keto diet (I think that one is with proteins and fats mostly, if I am not wrong - I don't read much that things) and gym, when the body is missing ENERGY for creating the RELAXed point and REGENeration point with rich sources (as Magnesium Salts and Silicium Dioxide) for decomposing/separating agents (or anti-caking adds called more widely) for the process of creation of OWN amino.

    So answer: Don't lift if you are going Skin & Bones. Better relax and have all meals plan following ad relaxing only with walks as start.

    And p.s. on your update: You are far from being very heavy! Maybe 500 lbs or 250 kgs then you would be heavy by my point of understanding, lol , :). I am near same as You, and I consider myself skinny (skin & bone), ... maybe because I had been much more in the past, but that's it.

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    If you're doing lots of lifting, you should be making sure you're getting enough rebuilding nutrients. If you're not consuming protein supplements at the very least, you should start.

  • When I do weights I walk for 10 minutes to warm up then stretches after I've finished. Also the higher the weights the longer the wait between sets. I see guys waiting 5 minutes for very heavy weights. My weights aren't that heavy so maybe 30 seconds to a minute. I was at 2 hour sessions every second day but this caused signs of overexercising (flu symptoms, no motivation to exercise, depression, irritability) so I had to cut back to 1 hour sessions. I never had much of an issue with muscle soreness though.

    Understanding Muscle Soreness – How Much is Too Much?:

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