So how do I install windows media player 12 to my windows 10 pc?

So, I have no idea what happened. I went to click on a song I like that is in my windows media library, and I randomly get a message that says "windows media player is not installed properly and must be reinstalled". I m not sure what I even did that affected it.. I tried to fix it by (trying) to follow instructions from a wiki how article. I accidentally either "uninstalled/changed" it. So yeah I m pretty sure I didn t follow the directions correctly and ****** something up. but then I tried again, and did the whole optionalfeatures.exe>media features>uncheck windows media player>restart>recheck windows media player>restart

Still nothing :/ And I don t know how to reinstall it based off of the instructions given from the microsoft website. Maybe i m super dumb idk. but if someone could help me out, thank you so much

1 Answer

  • Ron75
    Lv 6
    2 years ago

    You may have to completely uninstall it and then do a search for Media Player 12 and download it and reinstall it. It shouldn't be that hard to download and install.


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