How can I date a soccer player ?

okay so i know that he is very likely out of league but there is a famous soccer player that I have a crush on .. well most girls do lol but tbh i like him ..

he is french and playing at the PSG and i am a successful engineering student studying in the one of best engineering schools in Paris (i got a scholarship to MIT too lol) anyway ... once I saw him at a café and he just kept smiling to people and smiled to me too and that's when i fell for him :( :( :(

i looked into his profile, as far as i know he is single (but i don't think so lol) and his hobbies are the same as mine ...

why do most soccer players are more into models and all ? like mbappé and pavard ...

is it really impossible for me to meet him and maybe he will like me .. i mean i am beautiful, i mean dude i've been elected the most beautiful girl in my college

so if u have any idea , please help ...

and thank you

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Who knows? At least try. You might never know if you don’t try. Yes, most famous soccer players date supermodels (like Ronaldo), but there’s some like Messi who married normal women (she was his childhood sweetheart). You have a better chance than if a random guy asked out a super model because more women are shallow.

  • 2 years ago

    What's his name?

    He sounds dreamy!


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