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Is this sexual harassment?

At an event outside of work, I drunkenly told my co-worker my body count which is 17.

Now a lot of people at work call me "17" in reference to this incident.

Also outside of work, a co-worker offered me money to perform sexual acts on them. I declined, but people still make jokes about me being a stripper or a hooker. They joke about "hiring" me for events and the other day a co-worker said they were considering becoming a stripper and asked me how the pay was.

Now, a lot of these people would claim it was all in good fun, but many people making these jokes don't know me well enough to joke with me like this. It makes me uncomfortable, and one of my other co-workers reported it to the boss as harrassment.

Is this considered harassment?

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    Did you actually tell your co-workers that these type of comments make you uncomfortable and you want it to stop? If that doesn't work, then go to Human Resources.

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    It is harassment. Remember when complaining to HR, that you opened the door to this by relaying your 'body count.'

    You have a remarkably unprofessional workplace. I'm certain your HR department will want to put an end to this as soon as possible. You have a responsibility, as well for keeping your mouth shut when out with your colleagues, or finding another set of people to drink with. You, as the complainant, will have to toe the line as far as refraining from unprofessional sexual innuendo, at work and at the bar after, or you'll look like a hypocrite.

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    Yes. Report them to HR. Be sure and report the name of the person who asked you if you would perform x acts ... and that you said no and then he spread around that you did when you did not and would not, in revenge. Don't wait to report it. It needs to be stopped early, not weeks from now.

    Source(s): Certified Paralegal, with 25+ years' experience & with Employment law experience.
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    Yes, I do believe that this is harassment. Although it's not sexual harassment (they would have to actually lay their hands on you for it to be sexual. If they did, tell someone! It;s not right!), it's defiantly verbal abuse. The fact that you were offered money is just sick... If you're up to it, you should tell your co-workers how you feel. Say "This really isn't funny guys" or "You're making me feel bad". You might not want to confront them, which is okay! If that's the case, tell your boss. Best of luck to you!

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