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How to handle drama at work? What do you do?

I work with this guy who likes to gossip. He will tell people what people do wrong at work. It's not even a big deal to talk about If someone makes a mistake. A few nights ago I picked up a trash bag and at the bottom of it was a hole. So much trash fell out of it. He was near by and saw it. He took a picture of the trash on the floor and showed another coworker. I just thought that was weird. When he gossip and if you confront him he says he's sorry or makes a excuse. He isn't a bad guy I just think he's slow or something wrong with him.

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  • There is always those people at work you just know are gonna be losers or have a repulsive character

    You tend to just ignore them and don t allow them any access to you in the workplace-keep it professional or blunt with them.

    But he is slow so its a factor as you have stated, so perhaps he isn t aware of his offence he has caused to people. Some people do test boundaries that have been set(because they think they can get away with it)However people with mental health conditions still know right from wrong and general correct behaviour

    Either way youre not obligated to accept such behaviour so don t allow him to do that if it affects your ability to work or if it affects youre general well being.-

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    you just have to know who to watch your back around thats all .. just dont make the mistake of trusting them .. but other than that if you just dont let it bother you and more or less ignore them somebody else will clash with them and keep them off your back ..

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