unsorted video files?

I downloaded tv serise onto a portable hard drive. Each tv show serise is in their own folder, i even # them.

On the computer they all right, 01-10. But once i connect the drive to the Roku usb port, they all unsorted.

Exmaple: i have a tv show serise on the portable drive 143 episodes.

#01-10 files is good, #100-143 episodes are all out of order. I even went to settings on the Roku and selected sort and select A-Z but they still out of order.. how should i leble each mp4 video file. I try just 1-10 but it want work so i try 01-10. what else?


Do i just add



0100 Or how any 0 to add in front of the teens and hundreds.

Update 2:

Let me guess, i have 144 tv episodes of an 80s tv show on a hard drive connected to the Ruku.

Do i make them three digits like 001-143

Update 3:



100-144 right

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  • 2 years ago
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    Give all of them three or four digit numbers,

    then use something like Drive Sort to put them in order.

    Some players may "do their own thing" no matter what you do to organize the material.

  • 2 years ago

    If you have 100 files, label them 001, 002 etc. If the files are under 100, use 01-99 and so on. Use the number of digits in the final episode.

    In this case, 001 to 143 will work perfectly

  • 2 years ago

    A alphabetic sort, which most things use, groups all the same first character together regardless of the length of the "word", even if it's a number.

    Make them all the same length, eg. 001 or 0001 and they should go in sequence.

    Alternately, use a better content-aware media program.

    Mediabrowser (Emby) works well. As long as you arrange the folders and files correctly, it can recognise each series and episode and put everything in the proper order, plus episode summaries & other info.


    As long as you ignore all the online / view anywhere stuff you do not need to pay anything. Just install the server and point it at your media directories (folders), then use the apps like Emby Theatre on the same computer or any other in the same house.

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