I am moving for a dream job but by boyfriend of 1.5 years seems to be hesitant if not against going as well.?

We are both in our low 30s and after a year long hiring process I was finally given the go ahead for my dream job with requires me to move 6 hours away. My boyfriend of 1.5 years, who does not currently work full time is hesitant. He says he feels like his life is “here” and he would not be happy living in a city and has other concerns with moving away from his somewhat recently widowed mother ( 5 months now). We originally came to an agreement of a long distance relationship not to exceed a year but even then he seems to have his fears and has bluntly said he is comfortable here. Yes we love each other and see each other in our futures. Yes marriage is on the table... but quit frankly I’ve been very open about my lack of desire to have a long distance relationship exceeding a year....... What do I do????!!!!

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  • I would pursue your dream job. He can pursue you or break up. Really doesn't matter. You can meet someone else. 1.5 years is nothing in this day and age to move for someone. I agree with your boyfriend. But I also agree that life is short and you will regret throwing a dream job away to stay with your boyfriend of only a year.

  • 2 years ago

    H'mm not being funny but you should have discussed this before accepting the position (or even applying for it).

  • rick
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    2 years ago

    Dream jobs may only happen once in a lifetime. Take the job and run with it. Boyfriends are pretty easy to replace.

  • 2 years ago

    Honestly... Tell him you and him should try ling distance before him moving. He will regret moving and take it out and blame you for how his life is... Just try long distance. Trust me this happened to me, and my ex now was terrible. I feel if we tried ling distance for a bit it would have helped. Same with my brother he had everything in a different state , he moved for his now-wife, but now he regrets it not staying where his life was... And feel stuck. Just try ling distance. Both of you can take turns visiting. Try it it will strengthen the relationship... If it doesn't then you know he was not right for you. Sound harsh bit I wish I had someone tell me this. Hope this helps. Messahe me if you have any questins


    My ex actually told me if we tried ling distance it would have kept us together. So maybe that will be better for the time being.. Just try it and compromise with him for a bit. You said it yourself no more than a year. He will move just try the distance first.

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