Is Racism During Anger Natural Or Is Something Wrong With Me?

I'm a Latino man, and I generally don't have racist thoughts or hate towards any group, but one day in college some Asian guy was starting crap about me, he started directing racial slurs at me and immediately I started calling him racial slurs also, calling him names and mocking him in a stereotypical manner.

I never think this way about Asians but in that moment I was angry and I wanted to hurt him just as much as he was trying to hurt me. Just the same way if someone insults my mother, I'll insult their mother, but it's not because I truly think that way about their mother, I don't even know their mother, I'm just trying to hurt them, even if it means saying something I don't mean deep down.

Some friends tell me that anger isn't a reason to act racist, even if the person was being racist towards me, and the fact that I reacted this way means that deep down even subconsciously without knowing I must hold racism towards Asians and that sometimes when someone is angry, the truth comes out, so my anger exposed some truth I hold deep down.

Some of my other friends say that my reaction is natural, that when someone belonging to another group behaves tribalistic towards me, it's natural to be tribalistic in return, and sometimes when people are angry they say things they don't mean, they are just trying to hurt the person who is hurting them (Which was my way of seeing it also)



Nicole Only in this case I used racial slurs as a response to someone using racial slurs at me, if your husband tried to kill you and him trying to kill you got you so angry that you killed him I wouldn't call you a murderer, I didn't use racial slurs at him just because I was angry, because he specifically took it to the level of making the argument about race.

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    When we are angry we have no control at all like I could probably kill my husband in a fit of rage and then afterwards think I’m not a murderer it was the anger.

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