What is causing my headache and how should i fix it? (sometimes dizzy/nauseous/lightheaded upon moving around)?

the only thing i can remember doing that may have caused this was listening to music at maximum volume through earbuds for about an hour, but it’s been 11 days since then. I’ve tried drinking lots of water in case it’s dehydration but my pee is fairly light/clear. I’ve tried sleeping it off but it doesn’t help much. Even aleve and ibuprofen don’t completely take the headache away. I’ve also tried having some caffine since i not all drink coffee but that doesn’t do anything either. I was also wearing my glasses that give me a headache for a while bc contacts are a bit of effort sometimes but i stopped wearing them and started using my contacts, but also no luck.

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  • 2 years ago

    So sorry to hear about your headache!

    Headaches are the worst and a pain, literally, if they’re persistent and reoccurring.

    There are a bunch of different types of headaches, so I’d start by focusing on where the pain is coming from.

    When I get headaches, I oddly enough apply pressure to my forehead. For some reason, it makes the pain go away. I lie down, close my eyes, and press my palms to my forehead. Not aggressively or super hard, but just enough to where there is a little bit of pressure. This is really good for the tension headaches I get.

    Avoid staying up late at night looking at a digitial, bright screen.

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