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Why is this time different?

Im 17,my girlfriend is 16. We have been together for 5 months now. She is and has been my best friend in the whole world. I lover her more than anyone. But i have a problem with cheating. I cant help myself. Ive cheated on her several times but she only knows about a few. Then last night the me and the rest of the lacrosse players threw a party with the girls field hockey team. And there was this girl there who i was talking too and started making out with. She was sooo sexy. I thought about my girlfriend but it was like every part of my body was telling me to **** her. I wanted to be inside her so bad. So i took her upstairs and we had sex. It felt amazing. But apparently my girlfriend had a friend on the field hockey team and she recorded it and sent it to my girlfriend. Now she wont talk to me. I told her i was sorry she saw that. Shes always forgiven me. Why is this sooo different from the other times shes forgiven me? I love her i just can control myself in those situations. How do get her back?

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    U will lose her she won’t always take u back and one day u will regret losing your great first love cause u can’t keep your pee pee in Your trousers. Oh the regret. I know it hard you are young and horny so just stay single soil your oats and then settle down.

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    pee in her vachina and make baby

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