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Thoughts on this poem a wrote this morning?

I was listening to music last night and misheard some lyrics. I actually liked the lyrics I thought I heard, and ended up writing this at 5 am. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read. Thank you!

Side Roads

These dusty side roads,

framed by ditches deeper every year,

are tearing at my skin.

Hardened by madness in youth,

impenetrable once,

it cracks and screams

with each new turn.

Dim lights cutting shapes between shadows

on a silent autumn night.

Browned and forgotten leaves split,

As tears fill your eyes

And regret fill mine

Nothing but side roads

Free to travel but they

Take their toll

Head out the window

yelling at adolescent wheat

on a crisp spring night

for the answers to it all.

They found you out on 406

lying next to the upturned old Chevy you loved,

where we once sat

and watched the orange glow

of an exhausted sun turn us into silhouettes.

Nothing cuts deeper

than the injuries we heap upon ourselves

with gravel spitting beneath tires.

A last minute turn

Florescent lighting chews the air

heaving yellow dread

as clock watching becomes

a daily ritual

–another on a long list

haphazardly scribbled down.

I take a left, and watch the weeds,

grown wild, springing from carved ruts,

littered with brown bottles and yesterday’s news

race past

I feel the blood

warm against my flesh,

But I’m stuck taking side roads

carving tracks across my skin.

A map to nowhere in particular

paid for in time served

on what they call life.

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  • 2 years ago

    I never think on the words of trolla lola

    and it is tinny, tuss

  • 2 years ago

    Your poem doesn't count---not if it sprang from misheard lyrics. Sorry. Those are the rules.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    I read,

    And took the drive through this of pain

    As what my be but wouldst; I heard a wait and see

    But what will one see?

    I mean love , what is love; I heard a wait and see?

    I feel the blood

    warm against my flesh,

  • 2 years ago

    Reminds me of a dream i had


    as we drove along in the old ford truck

    her sitting in my lap singing a tune to me

    we top a hill and i lost control

    the truck rolled and the glass break

    and we skidded to a stop

    all along i shielded her

    from the concrete scraping with my skin

    it was second nature

    even in a dream

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