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In a few years most females will be bisexual or lesbians. Will heterosexual women be acknowledged as a minority group?

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    Heterosexual women have been demonized by Feminists (Who are man hating lesbians) for sticking to their gender role especially white heterosexual women. In the past feminism was meant for upper-middle class white women (heterosexuals) who were fighting for voting rights. Even though white women had all the privileges they were prevented from voting when they gained their voting rights feminism became irrelevant. It wasn't until the 1960's during the civil rights movement where feminism was taken over by lesbians and began empowering women to get rid of their gender roles and become like men and liberate themselves from men and children. The bottom line is feminism is a dying breed it is even becoming less common in the mainstream media especially now that LGBT has taken over. Now their movement is what you call fighting for their gender rights compared to feminism which wanted white female (lesbian) superiority at least LGBT doesn't empower males and females to switch their gender roles and play the victim card compared to what feminism did.

  • liz
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    2 years ago

    Is that you Tessera? Or has Tessera actually got through to someone? Most women are straight. If they don’t like you, OP, then the problem may not be all women. It may be you.

  • k am
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    2 years ago

    Hopefully no.

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