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Christians how did you come to know God?

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    I bit of knowledge about why things are the way they are... then my backstory.

    There are only three negative emotions - anger, fear and sadness - and variations of them.

    Because we are trained to hide our weaknesses and show our strengths, people use anger as their 'go-to' emotion when they are (in reality) hurting.

    I was methodically tortured by several people growing up within my own family. One of my earliest memories is having my thumbnail ripped out with a pair of pliers when I was 4 yrs old. I was stabbed when I was 8.... beaten with a belt every few days.... the list goes on and on and on. I was meek and timid. Afraid all the time. Sad all the time.

    When I was 15, one of them was beating my head on the floor with two handfulls of my hair, and to stop the beating, I dug my nails into their bare feet. This was the first time I fought back, ever. A full on fight ensued, but I defended myself. I didn't 'win'... I wasn't out to... I just didn't want to be beaten anymore.

    I felt vindicated. I felt empowered. This new thing - this anger - that was within me, started to surface more and more. It was MY GOD! I dug myself a rut for the next few decades until I had no control and despised myself. The abused became the abuser. My nickname was 'The Junkyard Dog'.

    I remember those days... thinking that my anger was a cry for help.... couldn't people see past it?.... oh what I would have done if someone... anyone... showed me a little kindness.

    Jesus set me free. I am as gentle as a sheep... and would give you the wool off my back. He cured me of all my hate (including self-loathing), my anxiety, my tears, my screaming, a thirty year smoking addiction and completely cured my addiction to all the temporary pleasures the world offers, including my addiction to sex (shamefully, I had over 200 lovers during my adult life)...

    Believe it if you want, or don't. I don't care. You can't make up this stuff. I'm content all the time no matter what's going on, and I have a heart for the junkyard dogs out there.... they didn't get that way on their own.

    See my profile for an excerpt of the night I met Jesus (after carefully investigating the claims he made about Himself, I was convinced that his was no ordinary man.... ). When I said the words out loud and believed in my heart, I was given a shiny new life. I am a living testimony of Jesus' claims..... and happy to be able to share, hoping it leads others to Him.

    God bless you in your journey.


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    When I was a young girl. My parents were the ones who seek the Lord and they converted to be Christians when they were Catholics. So pretty much I'd grew up in a Christian home that's how I would used to go to church with them almost all the time. That is how I got to know God and opened up my heart to Him. Once He came into my life I learned, found out the truth it shall set you free.

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    St. Teresa d'Avila came to know God through "Contemplative Prayer", which is not called "Centering Prayer".

    But is just a Christian form of meditation.

    God cannot be known with the mind .. God can only be known through experience, and that is the experience within .. "The Kingdom of God is within" is what that means.

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    2 years ago

    No one ever met God.

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    2 years ago

    Rocket, lie for Christ much?


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    Everyone actually knew about Him before they were ever born on Earth. We've just buried the memories, or done our best to change them since then with our own imaginations. It's also why we're instinctually never in a hurry to get back to Him.

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    They did not.

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