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What s a material that is transparent from one side but looks solid from the other?

Kind of like two way glass or mirrors but without the reflection on the side that can t see through.

Transparent on one side, not on the other.

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    There is no material that can do this perfectly.

    All "one way" glass relies on the light on the non see through side, being greater than the light on the side that you can see through.

    And then using reflections on the "outside" to swamp or mask the minimal amount of light coming from the other side.

    Some things that do this. Advertising posters with many small holes.

    No reflections from the darkened side of the poster. Outside a bright reflection.

    We use those on tram windows, shop windows etc.

    The non see side is outside with bright lights.

    Incidentally it fails at night when the lights are on inside.

    Predominantly it is the reflections or lack thereof that makes it one way.

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    That is illuvium.

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