Should I break up with my bf?

We’ve been together a year and 7 months and we’ve had good times also fighting days, have been through so much together . Well I feel like we just aren’t the same as a person he doesn’t like a lot of things I do, I don’t find him funny and when I fake laugh he apologizes and says sorry and I say “it was funny” and he knows I didn’t really find it funny, he just wants to skate sleep (ALL THE TIME) and lay and watch movies but we don’t even really cuddle bc he doesn’t like being touched.... I like to travel or go swim (he won’t swim hates it) I’ll say let’s go do this (don’t really wanna do that) the only things we ever do is drink and do cocaine I swear. I’m getting over it. I wanna do fun things. I love video games he gets bored of them . he always looks at me weird he’s just boring we don’t like the same things that’s why we fight. Last night I said let’s do something we both want to do, Ao we went to this college to skate at night and he had a total mental break down and said “we need to leave everyone’s following me and starting at me” “I can’t skate anymore I suck” and broke his skate board and was paranoid on the freeway home that the same people were following him. He hates air ports traveling he hates casinos , he doesn’t like the same things I find funny and show him. BUT HERES WHERE IM STUCK I have a job for where we live tomorrow at 10 tomorrow for walmart making 11 an hour and it’s good $ but I might stay here with my mom and break it off with him?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago


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