Why do people tell poor people to work hard and they will succeed?

I come from absolutely nothing, I live in poverty my father is doesn't have anything and isn't able to work and my mother works 90 hours a week and has nothing to show for it, but paying bills and living check to check. I am trying to push myself through college but don't have money FAFSA isn't helping much and I don't have scholarships. I have been working my *** off this summer working more than my mother 100 hours per week just to pay for school I don't sleep I literally survive on two hours a day, I work everyday I'm only 18. I don't have a social life. I have bills to pay none the money is going to my savings, everything is going towards bills and school. I survive off of $30 a week and that's only for gas sometimes I starve myself because I cannot afford to eat. You know what poor people get when they work hard? To be here tommorrow. I want to be a lawyer, I have long journey ahead of me. Do you agree many people succeed based on who they know? or who their parents know? Do you think many people become rich because of generational wealth instead of the BS lies of work hard and you will succeed?

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  • nancy
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    2 years ago
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    Very few people are successful without working hard, but it depends on what you work hard at. Someone who breaks rocks in the hot sun all day for 50 years definitely could say he worked hard, but if breaking rocks is all he ever does, he's never going to be anything but tired and poor. It's not so much a matter of working hard, but working hard on a plan that moves you from A to B. Yes, there are some people who take advantage of opportunities like generational wealth and social connections. But the vast majority of people who are successful get that way because they set a goal, make a plan, and work hard to accomplish it. You're on the right track by choosing an occupation that generally pays well and getting the education you need to enter that profession. But you might want to consider slowing down a bit. It may mean that it takes you a little longer to reach your goal, but overwork, lack of sleep and lack of food can lead to a breakdown and that will set you back even more. So, talk to your school's financial aid staff, academic counselors, and possibly their social counselors. You might be surprised at the resources available to you that you didn't know were there. There may be an appeals process that could result in some more grant aid for you. Or your academic counselor might have some advice about modifying your schedule. Or the social counselors might have some information about how you can get help with things like food. Many schools are aware that students go hungry for lack of money, so many now have food pantries or meal vouchers than can help. Often the staff isn't aware of how a student is struggling until someone tells them, so by all means speak up. Another hallmark of successful people is that they make others aware of what they need, use networks, and take advantage of opportunities that come their way. Good luck!

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    2 years ago

    Because we tell them what they want to hear and not the truth

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