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No one seems happy and everyone is ignoring each other. why?

Okay so I know this sound like a stupid teenage issue but it's really bugging me. Everyone in my friend circle or just fellow class-men in my high school follow each other and we each know each other online pretty well. I'm not part of a clique and I flow between all of them which is probably why I have a lot of friends despite being an unpopular introvert. How ever i do have a main group of people I enjoy hanging out with but everyone is just ignoring each other and complaining. I know school is starting in a month is everyone just stressed. The end of the school year was crappy. I just don't understand why everyone is upset. I mean I've tried talking about it or making plans to meet up with friends but everyone is ignoring me and ignoring each other and then they continue to complain. I'm not obsessed with social media, in fact, i'd rather ride my bike around town other anything, but this is just really ticking me off. Is this just one of those weird moods everyone feels for a while? Idk.


Don't answer. I realize that this is just a stupid *** question that won't be relevant/ important to me in a week.

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    can you pick me as best answer then :)?

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    We have no idea why. We don't know any of your friends, dude.

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