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Do I have a right to be mad at my mother?

I'm 24 years old, and I'm still living with my mother. I'm the only person who lives at my mother's house. My older brother wants me to move out of my mother's house and move with him, because he (and I too) think that she's holding me back from going further in my life. My mother doesn't want me to move out.

I have aspergers, and I get 1,300 dollars from social security because of it. But I give my mother about 900 dollars of my social security money to pay for the bills. So I only get about 400 dollars of the social security.

I have a part time job, and I get paid 115 dollars a week, so I get about 800 dollars a month from my job and social security.

I have my drivers license, and I want to get a car, but it's hard for me to save up for one because I'm not getting enough money to save up for one. I have stuff that I have to buy with my own money like food and toothpaste. I also want to save up for an apartment too, but that's also difficult too because of the same reasons.

The reason why my mother is so poor is because she hasn't worked in a very long time, and her last husband (who was poor) put her into a lot of debt, and now my mother is having back problems that's making it impossible for her to work. My mother used to have a job, and a decent amount of money before she married the guy who put her into a lot of debt. The guy my mother was married to also convinced her to quit her job just so she would become dependent on him.


I hate to say it, but I don't know if I should feel bad about moving out, since my mother's money problem is her problem and not my problem, and she put herself into that position by staying married to that guy for so long. Also it was recently that my mother started having back problems, and she had 5 years to get a job and make a lot money in those years, but she decided not to just because she was lazy.

Update 2:

Also my mother has her mother (my grandmother) to pay her groceries every week when she goes shopping with her. So my mother is very poor. And also my older brother has plenty of money himself, so if I moved in with him, he would have no plans of using my money.

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    Yes , your mom is just using you. That is your money and she gets most of

    It ? Oh that’s messed up. Move in with your brother ASAP

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    2 years ago

    Why don't you give her a certain amount of notice so that she has time to try to apply for disability if she's qualified because of her back or maybe help her find low income housing. You might qualify for that also because $1,700/month is still not that much to live on. But at least this way you state your intentions and give her time to prepare. I wouldn't expect that your older brother plans to pay for everything for you. He will probably expect you to contribute. It might not hurt to look around and see if you can find a roommate in a similar situation. There are a lot of Asperger young adults out there that might like someone that understands what it's like as a roommate. Maybe she could move in with your grandmother until she figures it out.

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    Yes, your anger is justifiable. Was that your entire question?

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    Move out and get your own life. You cannot claim any independence living with mommy.

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  • 2 years ago

    Your mother is using you for your money. It seems to me you'd be better off somewhere else

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