learning disablity girl not sutiable to friend with Christian ?

I have two female friends who claim Christian who are mean to be I am a female that has learning disablity

1 Christian Female

She like to call me stupid and sayd I am too gsacrficing too a guy who don''t love me

and She sometime will use me like her maid to carry things

and lend money no return

She will get angry when I don't accompany her

I choose a pink sweater and she scolded me

She bad mouth about me to my bestfriend

She scribble other female pictures

She use my account to scold others actress

She even went to use my account and spam a actor said beware I know who you are watch out

She break promises she allloow but if I do that she get mad

She always ask me for money

2 Christian Female

She will get mad at me very easily

She just use me as punching bag

I just need a comfoort and she will just scolding me

She even said I am nonsencial and ranting

when I just feel hurt

She always said she want to help me but never help

She always see me as dirty and immoral

everytime I try to appologize to her fix friendship

She get angry will just blockk me

She even sometime eating she will ask me pay my own

She than to be very interested in my privacy situtation

She think celebrities are immorall and sinners

She even bad mouth about me and add wrords clamming she help me but never help me

What She said that time than latter she will said she never said that ask me to shoow her proof


Thanks but God doesn't llove me I know it

2 Answers

  • 2 years ago

    Be cautious. The Bible says "a friend loves at all times." This #1 friend of yours doesn't sound like much of a friend. Why does she have access to your accounts? And friend #2 is not a nice person. Many people will claim to be Christians, but these friends of yours are not treating you as Jesus would treat you. They are both using and abusing you. Find better friends soon, and drop these two without telling them why. They are not your friends.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Extremely rude behaviour!!

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