Is it wrong for me to hang out alone with this girl? Or any girl with a boyfriend?

I've known this one girl for at least 5 years. We hung out in class in high school and were on good terms. We both went to the local college, and take classes together. Recently we hung out to do homework before a class, and her boyfriend showed up (she's been with him for a year). He didn't really look me in the eye or greet me even, and mostly avoided looking at me while he was there with her. He seemed jealous, but she said that that's how he acts around all her old friends. I hang out alone with a few other girls in relationships, but I've never had to deal with their boyfriends, or if I meet them they don't really try to talk to me. Is it wrong to hang out with these girls alone?

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  • 2 years ago
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    No it's absolutely not wrong to hang out with these girls alone. You're not flirting with them or hitting on them knowing they have a boyfriend, right? It's no big deal to have friends of the opposite sex. Despite what some people think, men and women can have friendships and it doesn't always have to be about sex or meeting someone to have a relationship with. So just be honest about your intentions and if a boyfriend does come up to you, invite him to join you the next time you're hanging out/doing homework. If you're open an honest about things they can't have a problem, and if they do they have a problem and should deal with it themselves.

  • Brian
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    2 years ago

    If you've been friends before they began dating, and you just ARE friends, then it's her responsibility to control his jealousy. He's obviously jealous and that will become an issue if he can't control it.

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