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Is the doctor overdoing specialist referrals?

I will start that he sent my baby boy to a urologist because he worried that his urinary opening was closing in which they said no, it's natural. The doctor sent him to another specialist for hemangiomas. The dermatologist ran tests and said they're fine. Now my 4 year old had 2 uti s back to back possibly because she didn't get over from wasting medicine first time? He's worried of urine backing into kidneys and wants urologist to see. I know she holds urine as she's nervous staying at relatives temporarily with me. She also has been throwing up water for a week. It has stopped but the doctor didn't treat and wants her seen by a gastroenterologist. Medics told me not to take her to hospital as it's probably a bug. She immediately wants to eat and drink afterwards. She gets relief with mints when she feels like she's going to spit up.


She is over the uti. She has this heartburn every now and then and she wants mint candy.

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  • 2 years ago

    hemangiomas should be removed, they can bleed excessively.

    wasting meds? what did you do with it?

    you sound like an incompetent parent....

    but get a new pediatrician

  • k w
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    2 years ago

    they're desperate for money, and covering all the bases so they don't get sued.......

  • Andy C
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    2 years ago

    I think that you don't understand what the doctor is seeing in your kids.

    You do not have to go to a referred doctor. That is just his professional opinion.

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