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Is it ok to approach my friend's ex? I like her a lot, etc. She is also still friends with MY ex but we're the ones that got broken up with?

Backstory. I want to date my friend's ex, who is also friend's with my ex. We were all friends at one point and hung out as couples. This was over a year ago. However, my ex broke up with me and her ex broke up with her, who is also my friend as I stated in the beginning. But he moved to different states but sometimes we talk and still keep the friendship going even though we dont see each other anymore. I feel like me and her have a lot in common but we are both aware that we would be breaking guy/girl code. But the way I see things about love is that anything can happen. Is there any leverage for my situation since we were the ones that got dumped and my friend lives in another state and probably wont ever come back?

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    You're asking if it's ok to approach your friend's ex. Ok with who? What I mean is, who does it have to be ok with before you'll feel ok about it?

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