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How can the original incels who aren't violent misogynists reclaim the term involuntary celibacy from the angry white males?

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  • Your racism is showing

  • Fusion
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    2 years ago

    Angry white men didn't hijack the term, angry feminists did, incels (the feminist redefinition, not the involuntary celibates) are a feminist boogeyman, that doesn't exist in the real world exactly like the patriarchy.

    The only purpose of its existence is to scare women into falling in line with feminism, much like the patriarchy. The difference is that patriarchy only works to convince a woman that she needs feminism if she is not successful, because it allows her to blame all of her shortcomings on the patriarchy that keeps women down. Whereas the incels are supposed to scare every woman because feminists claim that incels believe that they are entitled to having sex with women and will hurt women if they are denied sex.

    You first need to understand who's in the wrong. It's not the incels, who are falsely accused of being angry white males, who are in the wrong, but instead it's the people, who are falsely accusing incels of being angry, white or men, who are in the wrong. What you need to do is point out that an incel might be none of those things when someone misuses the word.

  • Bill
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    2 years ago

    The entire premise of the group is that it's a group of men that are upset about their inability to get a laid or get a girlfriend. How do you create a group designed to fuel rage and not create a group of violent people?

    If a group consists of people bitching and moaning about their anger they will feed off of each other and eventually one of them will snap. You really can't avoid that outcome to this kind of human interaction.

    If the men helped each other through their problems things could be different, but the men in this group have never been interested in that.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    What is an incel?

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