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Why am I having a hard time losing more weight?

I started trying to lose weight at the end of May. I'm 22 years old and a female who's 5'2 and the last time I checked in mid June I weighed 119 pounds. Before that I weighed around 125 pounds.So I lost some weight. I know I'm already at a healthy weight but I want to be at 110 pounds which is still a healthy weight. So I've been exercising every day, I usually do an hour of cardio and some strength training. I sometimes use the elliptical or do HIIT or cardio kickboxing. I also work as a server as a summer job so I'm very active. I also go on a bunch of hikes and babysit a big german shepard so I'm always on my feet. For breakfast I either have a smoothie bowl, cereal, or a protein bar. For lunch I either have a sweet potato burger, a falafel sandwich, a salad, a smoothie, avocado toast, etc. For dinner it's usually stir fry with some protein like tempeh or tofu (I'm vegetarian) and a bunch of veggies. I also do sweet potato and black bean tacos, curry with tempeh, or something along those lines. My dinners usually have a lot of protein and veggies. I measure all my portions and count my calories, I have around 1200 calories every day. Some days I have a bit more like 1400. At most I'll have 1600 if I was especially active and hungry. I sleep enough and I'm almost constantly on my feet. I drink a ton of water too. My clothes feel a bit loser but I haven't noticed significant weight loss. Am I on the right track and I just need to be more patient? Thanks.

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    So you have a smoothie is that the one gallon size or the 8 ounce glass size.

    You have a bowl of cereal. Is that a normal sized bowl or some trough like thing.

    bunch of veggies? is that a serving size for normal people or a bucket full.

    Your quality of items appears fine.

    You have not mentioned the QUANTITY. How much veggies.

    Weigh them, measure them, count them.

    , I have around 1200 calories every day. BULLCRAP That calorie count is near starvation for someone your age and size.

    For your size One Pound weight loss per week is NORMAL and REASONABLE .

    You have much to learn about measuring your calories.

    Size of bowl, size of glass count HINT large bowl means nothing. Small glass means what?

    A slice of... means what? Weigh it?

    Some veggies? Which ones BE SPECIFIC. Any dressing? HOW MUCH and what is it?

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    2 years ago

    To lose weight, you need to eat that German Shepard

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