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No peace in my apt with all the noise above me.How do ask, without making things worse to have some consideration since this is not a house.?


no peace with neighbors above me.

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    Any way you look at it, a report is a report. Don't yell, don't curse, just report it to the landlord like a normal, civilized human being. Tell him the time it happened, how long it goes on and what it sounds like. If it sounds like they have a zoo of elephants above, tell it like it is.

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    Write a nice letter.

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    I'd be inclined not to approach them directly but ask the landlord or management office to contact them. Be specific re times, dates and what the noise was (tv, loud music, etc.).

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    If all else fails, file a complaint with the manager. People tend to be beyond rude.

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    Speak to them and advise that the noise from their flat comes straight down into yours. Ask if they can try and keep quiet between certain hours, or invest in rugs to help insulate the sound.

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    say something like, you understand they don't realize how sound carries, but...

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