What do you think of this situation and what should I do?

Ok so at school there is a boy that I have had a crush on since the beginning of the school year. I was new to a school and when I entered class he caught my attention and I instantly developed a crush on him. Then the next day the teacher told us to work in groups and made everyone work in groups and he got in the same group as me and it seemed as if he wanted to be in the Same group as me already. Then he seemed shy whenever he said something to me because he and the people in the group made me write. Then we had dance class together and there were mirrors in dance class and I looked bad in the dance class mirrors and he looked better in the dance class mirror than me. So I always stood on the side. He was sitting next to a girl the next day and I think they already had a thing before I came to the school because I was new to the school. He got closer to the girl he was dating and he didn’t make a move on me and show further interest in me. I still have a crush on him because I feel like we could have made it work from the day we got in the same group where the people in the group made me write and when it seemed as if he wanted to be in the same group as me. I don’t want to get over him because he is really good looking and he was the first boy that has ever showed interest in me the next day when he caught my attention in the beginning of school year by showing that he wants to be next to me and be in the same group as me. I’m in high school.

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  • 2 years ago

    you're the only one who thinks you look bad in dance class mirrors because you see yourself in mirrors the most, and you're more used to seeing yourself therefore more critical of what you consider flaws. it's hard in high school to feel confident talking to boys or girls! but at the end of the day as long as you are yourself and realize that the worst that could happen is a "no" and that you're gonna be fine, it helps sooo much. also sounds like this dude does like you and doesn't know how to say it. just like you don't. so ya gotta just bite the bullet and take a chance! even if he's not down, you'll at least be respected by your peers for having the guts to go for something!

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