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Is there More Evidence that FBI Meddled in our Election by using the Phony Russian Hooker story to secure an Illegitimate FISA Warrant than?

There is Evidence of Russia Influencing by posting FB Memes

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    There is. Trey Gowdy, who has seen the warrant, said as much. Need a link?

    Here you go there's even a video of the right wing republican denying your conspiracy theory:

    And a transcript:

    MARGARET BRENNAN: Now, we should dig into this. Because you are, from my understanding, the only Republican investigator on the House Intelligence Committee who actually viewed the FISA applications. Everything that went into essentially putting together this memo. So, when you're talking about this Steele memo, you are not saying that it was the sole piece of evidence used to justify these four authorizations of the surveillance warrant. Are you?

    REP. GOWDY: No. It was not the exclusive information relied upon by-- by the FISA court.

    Enjoy eating crow.

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    2 years ago

    Memes are the only thing the FBI has proven

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    Actually, the Feds also found evidence that GOP candidates, who were running for Congress in 2016, were also conspiring with Russian military intelligence agencies looking for dirt on their opponents.

    In spite of Trump's top advisors and his attorneys, telling him to cancel his meeting with Putin, he has steadfastly refused. Nothing--Hell or high water -- is going to keep Trump from being with a hostile foreign dictator. Putin, who has attacked our democracy, stolen identities and money wants to rule the world.

    If crooked lyingTrump doesn't get the firing squad no one will ever trust our government again because our country let us down.

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    2 years ago fact there is no evidence at all to support that. It only exists in Fox talking points. The dossier was only one of many pieces of evidence used to make the decision to grant the warrant. Evidence is very detailed and submitted in documents well footnoted and confirmed from many different sources, includes exact names, dates and locations, like the 29 pages submitted by Rosenstein to support the indictment of 12 Russians.

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  • 2 years ago

    Nope but sounds like a new right wing conspiracy theory! Send Trey Gowdy! At the hearing the other day he looked like he'd grasp any straw offered!

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    2 years ago

    We know gop helped putin hack American elections for trump

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