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Will he accept my apology?

I am a 27 year old woman whose a med student from India, who is studying in the US. I am 6'3 240 pounds, There is this handsome guy blonde personal trainer at the university gym. He is 22 blonde 5'10 180 pounds all muscle.

I know that he’s into casual sex and has hooked up with many women at the university. I signed up for personal training sessions with him so I could spend time with him and get physical.

I came to the first personal training session in long dress and make up, to impress him. During the personal training session I subtly felt his muscles and tried rubbing my breast on him. He wasn’t receptive so I decided to be more direct. After the session I went to the cafe, and sat right next to him. I started chatting with him and put my arm around his shoulder and my hand near his crotch and said. “You are a very handsome man I would love to have sex with you.” He told me “it’s not going to happen.”

I always thought American men were horny and would sleep with any woman. I called him out for sleeping with other women at the gym, who were petite and white. said that he is shallow for not having sex with a brown woman whose taller than him. I was told to leave the gym and not return.

If I apologize to him, take him out to dinner and buy a few drinks he might reconsider and want to have sex with me

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