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Should I be worried about my height?

I'm 12 years old and only 4'7" (139.7 cm). All my friends are around 5 feet or even taller. My mom is pretty short at 5'1" but my dad is very tall at 6'5". I've been growing at a steady pace of 2 inches a year for the past few years.

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    With a dad that is 6'5 dude, you have no worries. You will start shooting up as puberty kicks in and you'll likely soar by your friends in height. While you may not be as tall as your dad -- you get genes for height from both parents, and no one knows which gene will be dominant in the end, odds are very high you will be above average in height. Puberty begins at different ages for different guys, too, so some guys start as early as 10 or 11 and others may not start until 12 or 13. So some guys you know may shoot up quickly before you do. But by 14-15 even later starters will be growing well. I had a relative who was the shortest in his class until 15. He grew a full 12 inches that year. So never can tell when or how much you will grow in your growth spurts. Also no way to predict you final actual height but in your case with an extremely tall father you are almost guaranteed to be tall.

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    You can worry if you want, we can care less. You don't have any control over your height. But if you want to worry, go for it.

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    no you shouldn't

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