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I’m neevous, do you think she is excited too?

I’m 19, and a girl, I have a super close friend who has helped me with school and personal life things these past 2-3 years. She is 57 and is the sweetest lady. She would help me on the phone when it came to school and my training. We met through her brother who died 2 years ago.. after his passing we both took it very hard but through it we became very close. We have a special bond and talk every day on the phone. She started as a mentor and slowly became a very special and close friend of mine. We talk about everything and anything, shes suprised me with gifts on my birthday and holidays. We have been facebook friends for a long time, we always send selfies to each other and share fun things. We have shared so many sweet times, we’ve been through happy times and sad ones but still have a special love for each other at the end of the day. She lives FAR away so we haven’t had the chance to hang out together these past years. Although a few days ago, she called telling me that she was finally free for a week! She wasn’t able to come down but I am able to go visit her! She invited me to go stay with her at her house for the week, so we can spend time together and swim in her pool and just have a good time. She said I can go shop with her, play with her dogs and how she wants to cook me all of her foods. It made me so happy because I can finally see her. I go visit her tomorrow, I am SO excited and she knows how much it means to me. Do you think shes excited too? i’m nervous?

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    No, she's just using you

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