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How can someone cope with being homebound for life?

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    Hobbies perhaps get a carer to take you out

    Health and doctors ok pending, and remember

    Since Harmony Day everyone belongs so

    Even you, some cheap hobbies are sketching

    See Shoo Rayner on YouTube ok so you just

    Need a couple of pencils, paper and

    consentration the sketching itself helps

    Put your mind into the exact present precisely.

    Just like mindfulness.

    pending finances guitar, songwriting fun or

    inventing, please phone tradies for all the

    safety procceedures ok?

    Leatherwork, candle making with care & with

    fire extinguisher painting photography re

    modelling kitchens etc etc.

    Very best wishes for your happiness


    Source:) brainstorming try it.

  • Bring religion into your life. Islamic faith doesnt require women to leave their houses unless required to do so. It provides at entire code of conduct for a life inside of the house

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    One day at a time.

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