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Can I be pregnant?

My last period started on 21st of June, and my fiance and I had an unprotected intercourse, where he ended it all inside of me on 7th this month- I know my fertility window is around that time/already ending, I have a regular cicle, and I am expecting my next period in 2 days... If you calculate, is it possible for me to be pregnant, since my "fertile day" is calculated to have been on 4th, but I know that I, as other women, can actually ovulate on any of days during my fertility window. For the past few days I am already feeling pain in my abdomen, which started too early since I usually get them a day before my period... It is constant mild pain, which intensifies from time to time on one side of my abdomen... I am feeling light headed, I ve been pregnant before and this kind of weird neusea was the first sign that something is "odd" happening to my body the last time, but it can be stress, and me overreacting... what should I do? Is there possibility that I am expecting considering everything? I am 23 and my fiance is 26, we both have stable jobs and relationship, but wasn't planned, even though we both are already talking about it.. thank you all so much <3

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    You can also ovulate outside of your predicted fertility window. The fertility window is only an estimated date range based on past patterns and ovulation can be early or late during any month which means your fertility window for the month would be different based on that early or late ovulation.

    Ovulation happens about 12 to 14 days BEFORE the next expected period date. The egg lives for 12 to 24 hours. Sperm can live in the uterus for up to about five days. That combination of information compared to the number of days in your cycle creates the fertility window in which sperm would survive long enough to fertilize an egg.

    You could be pregnant but until you actually get a positive pregnancy test, there is no way to know for sure. ALL early pregnancy symptoms can happen for other reasons.

    Using your fertility window predictions to have unprotected sex is as risky as pulling out.

    If you aren't planning for a child, then you really should take precautions to plan against it.

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