How to clear my mind?

Its summer and I should study for university entering test but all I can think a bout is that how the kids in school bullied me and how they gonna bully me for this remaining year. What if that happens in college too? I need to clear my mind but I need a path help me??!!!! What to do with this grudges? I can't change my school.

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  • 2 years ago
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    You need to take karate lessons, or self-defense classes. Something to build your self-confidence & stop allowing yourself to be a target for bullies. Karate classes have been demonstrated to help "bully-proof" kids, and your parents should have gotten you into this long ago!

    And your mindset is your CHOICE! You decide to hold grudges, or give it up. When you start feeling sorry for yourself, tell yourself "Stop!" When you start going over-and-over-and-over past incidents, tell yourself "Stop!" Then get involved in something else. Physical activity, sports are good. So is getting involved in reading a good book, baking a cake or planning & cooking dinner, etc. Something where you must pay attention to what you are doing.

  • 2 years ago

    Try learning meditation. There are apps that can guide you.

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