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1. Rubber: 2-methylbutene, why rubber stopper cannot be used for the bottle filled with bromine?

2. What process should be carried out on raw rubber in order to prevent it from losing its elasticity and become soft and stickywhen it is left in air for a long time?

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    2 years ago
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    1. Rubbers are Elastomers, and their elastic and flex properties are due to the alkene double bonds in their structures. Bromine, as is well known, reacts readily with double bonds. The resulting bromoalkanes are inflexible.

    2. Decomposition on exposure to air is due to the reaction of double bonds with Ozone. This cleaves the double bonds leaving, after due time, short, gummy fragments. Rubber tires are filled with antiozonants. (Vulcanization won't do this).

    Rubber is poly2-methylbutadiene (polyisoprene).

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