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Do I need to say anything else to my boss?

Just gave my boss my notice a few days ago as I'm planning to go back to college at end of year and since I already have the schedule I might as well inform my boss about it now.

But my boss haven't seemed to accept my resignation, he haven't said "ok" nor had he wished me well. Instead, he told me to let him know my school timetable again nearer the date.

But this is already the confirmed timetable? So I replied my boss saying that the school has given me the timetable already and I'll be in school every day.

So what am I supposed to do now?

Do I just do nothing about it since I have already given my notice? Or do I confirm my school timetable with my boss again nearer the date (despite how the timetable that I gave him is already the confirmed one but it's just that he refuses to accept it)? And nearer the date do I need to remind my boss again that I'm leaving by end of the year, since he haven't seemed to accept my resignation yet?

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    No! Just make sure you submit a copy of your resignation to HR with your last date of employment on it and work to your last day and be done.

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