Using a fake address to help a friend's son?

I live in broward county, and a friend of mine lives in Miami-Dade. Her son was severely bullied in the school he last went to, and he is now looking for a school that has a music program. The school my daughter is zoned for has many music programs, and he is friends with my daughter, so it would at least help the whole bullying situation. The only school he is zoned for that has a music program is the same school that all his bullies are transferring to. His mother wants to use my address to get him into the good school nearby me. We spoke to a guidance counselor, saying that she is currently living in my house with her son. They asked for a state-issed ID proving that she lives in my address. How difficult would this be? What are my options?

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    Our school asks to see proof of where you live. Gas and electric bills in your name and with the address on it. Or proof of a contract for rent, staying in your home.

    They can not just put your address on a registration form.

    This is defauded the system. I would stay out of it.

    Google how to get a state ID card for your state.

    For state ID or driver’s license In IL you need proof of residency. That mean a utility bill in your name with the address, a bank statement with your name and address.

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