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I’m a Junior in high school right now and thought for sure I knew what I wanted to be. I set up a bunch of medical classes on my schedule because I wanted to be a surgeon but now I’m having second thoughts. I’m not completely sure that I want to be a surgeon anymore. I love music. I also love traveling to cool places! I want to live in either NYC or Southern California. I love sports too. I’m getting close to needing to decide what to do but I don’t know! Any tips or suggestions?!

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    2 years ago
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    It is very unlikely any High School student knows for certain what they want to be when they grow up. You should be taking a wide range of classes in High School to help expose you to all of the different subjects. When you graduate it should be clear what subjects you enjoy, which you dislike, what you are good at, and what you struggle with. From there you would ideally go on to further study a subject area that interests you and that you excel at.

    Obviously there are some external factors that play into that decision such as "will I be able to find a good paying job after I graduate?" People may love art or cooking, but entering those fields one has to know and accept the high possibility of being unemployed and/or working very low unskilled labor jobs. There are few jobs that regularly travel around the world, but that doesn't stop you from being able to take international vacations. Likewise very few people are successful musicians, but most people enjoy music and some really enjoy playing instruments in their free time. You do not need to make a career out of those interests in order to partake in them.

    Your career should be something you really enjoy doing and would look forward to doing every day, all day long. Align your interests to specific fields in the industry and investigate what opportunities are available there. Pick something that will hopefully pay fairly well and has a good long-term outlook. When you enter college you can declare a major that will help focus your education in that direction. If you later decide it's not for you, you can change it... but those adjustments should be minor. For example you want to work in a science field, focus in biology, and decided you really enjoy working in a lab. After a couple of additional courses you find out working in a lab is not what your expected, so you decide to focus on Pharmacology. Yes it's an adjustment, but it is not a major change that will cause years of retaking classes like would happen if you decided science or biology were not you for.

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    NYC and LA are extremely expensive places to live.

    In HS for any major you think you may want in the fiture- just take basic core subjects. Take honor and AP level classes if available.

    You have 60 credits of general education classes you have to do in college and you better be prepared for them.

    Think of a job a career , then find out the education needed for it.

    Surgeion requires 4 yrs if undergrad, 4 yrs of medical school, and another four years fornyour residency. Do you have the grades, time and money for that?

    Sports. Doesn’t that mean you want to participate in sports. Coach? Sports physical therapy? WHAT job.

    Quit think what is cool to do, what is awesome to study and think about jobs.

    What are your option for a jobs what are the opportunities for the job. How difficult will it be to get info the field.

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    My closest find is an M.D. , neurologist, and she double mjored in physics and Music, originally piano performance, but changed to music history at almost the last possible time.. she didn't decide to go to medical school until our junior year of college.. She became a brain surgeon. I am alive and kicking today because of her.. She's my heath proxy.

    You CAN CHANGE YOUR MAJOR ev en after officially declaring a major, and you CAN double major.

    Medical school is graduate school in the USA., and your major does NOT determine your career. Pre-med is N OT a major.

    She has three bachelor's degrees, but one is from a different university where she was a part time student. . Her adviser there had to tell her she needed only one more course to get B.S. in biology. Tulane couldn't turn her down for any logical reason even if she did not interview well..She made money for years by teaching BOTH piano and violin.lessons.even when she was full time medical doctor, now she is full time faculty member of health sciences technical college, but she has part time time job at at two nursing homes the last i knew. she and her husband are no longer in private practice.

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    Do the thing you are capable of doing that pays the most money.

    Everything can get monotonous, the world needs surgeons much more than it needs musicians. You can sing as a hobby for stress relief. I changed majors three times because I kept following the advice "do what you want". So the second it got boring, I switched. Well turns out, everything gets boring at one point.

    Now I feel like a jack of all trades but a master of none, dropped out and have nothing to show for three years worth of college.

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